Decentralised solutions

Large-scale battery storage is happening

Energy storage and grid stability in the new energy world.

Vattenfall is driving the transition to a new energy landscape and supporting greater integration of renewable energy. Battery storage systems play a vital part and Vattenfall has already launched numerous battery projects. Large-scale batteries deployed in connection with wind farms help reduce costs for both the wind farm and the battery plant by sharing the same infrastructure and at the same time offer flexibility to the grid operator. In addition, batteries provide fossil free storage solutions at the customers' premises and offer uninterrupted power supply for data centres by replacing diesel generators.

Batteries also enable customers to make their consumption more flexible by using Peak shaving. Peak shaving is a technique to reduce electrical power consumption during periods of maximum demand and therefore reduce costs.

News and press releases

Heijmans GreenBattery Amsterdam. Photo: Han Huiskamp
Photo: Han Huiskamp

Batteries makes construction easier and more sustainable for Dutch Heijmans

In the Netherlands construction company Heijmans uses GreenBattery instead of diesel generators on its way to a CO2-free building environment.

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The energy park Haringvliet Zuid in the Netherlands

Vattenfall’s largest hybrid energy park is taking shape in the Netherlands

In the Netherlands Vattenfall is constructing its so far largest hybrid energy park, Energy Park Haringvliet Zuid, featuring an efficient combination of wind turbines, solar panels and batte...

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Vattenfall and Northvolt has launched a new battery energy storage solution, Mobile Voltpack

Northvolt and Vattenfall launch battery energy storage solution

Modular lithium-ion battery solution Voltpack Mobile System could be an alternative for diesel generators and more.

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Haringvliet energy park in south Holland
Vattenfall/Jorrit Lousberg

First part of the hybrid energy park completed

All wind turbines of Vattenfall’s first hybrid energy park have now been installed. Next up is the powerful solar panels and batteries to complete it.

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Battery storage in Landskrona, Sweden

New battery storage facility in Sweden increases grid capacity

New battery storage facility in Sweden increases grid capacity

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Illustration of a battery

Electric car battery carbon footprint much lower than assumed

Electric car batteries have a significantly lower impact on the climate than what was previously assumed, a new study shows.

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Construction of Kentish Flats wind farm at sunset

Vattenfall is committed to a sustainable use of resources.

Two children playing with toy cars

We are working with customers and partners to become fossil-free within one generation.

Our strategy is in line with the UN's sustainable development goals.